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And suddenly you're deep enough to lay your armour down [Jul. 17th, 2006|12:06 am]
I am Jack's smirking revenge
[Current Music |Don't Wait - Dashboard Confessional]

So I had my first ultrasound last Monday and it's a girl! Bob and I can stop calling the baby "it" now. I teared up through the entire ultrasound and then when she said it was a girl, it hit me really hard. I am so unbelievably excited. I always said I didn't care about the sex as long as the baby was healthy but I started crying as soon as the lady told me it was a girl so I'm thinking maybe deep down I really wanted it to be a girl. She's been kicking lately... it's very subtle but it's still amazing.

Some other news, is that I'm leaving Aveda. I put in my two week notice on Friday. I got hired for a physical therapy position at Bethesda Rehabilitation Hospital in St. Paul. I'm really excited. And they're completely fine with me being pregnant, well obviously otherwise they wouldn't have hired me. I'm sad to leave everyone here but it's been two months since I graduated and I've been here five years so I think it's time to move on. I'm both nervous and excited to start my new job but I really need to stay confident and really look at the good side of this. For starters, the night shift is just too hard on me lately. It will be nice to work a normal day shift and just get some good sleep at night with my husband. And it's more money, it'll be like a nice big raise for me and it will be really nice for when the baby comes. I'm so ready to finish her room but we're trying to find a bed set for her that we like so Bob can paint the room because that's the first thing that needs to get done and then we picked out two nursery furniture sets that we like so once we paint the room and clean the carpet we can buy that and then the bedding set and I'll be happy for now. I just keep having dreams where all of a sudden, the baby is born and we have nothing for her... no crib, no car seat, and no bottles LOL... it's like my bad wedding dreams all over again where I'd dream that all of a sudden my wedding day was here and I didn't even have a dress or flowers or a cake LOL... I don't know why I dream such crazy things because I'm not even really worried, I just want to get it done.

Speaking of wedding, it's our anniversary this coming weekend. We're going out on Saturday so we can see Clerks 2 with everyone on Friday night. I can't wait! For both actually.

Well I really don't have much else to say right now. I bought Dumbo so I think I'm going to watch that. Have a good week everyone!

[User Picture]From: melincubus
2006-07-19 06:14 am (UTC)
Thanks! Don't worry, I just found on last Thursday and I didn't really get a chance to tell anyone except for on here because no one hung out this last weekend. It was just a Mel and Bob weekend.

Heck yeah! Friday is going to rock! I can't wait!
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